Writing – Therapy

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Writing can be extremely therapeutic and keeping a reflective journal or diary can prove very useful to help us make sense of our emotions and reflect on how we handle situations. I use my own blog http://www.credoblog.co to inspire others and encourage mindfulness.

I have run writing groups and enjoyed helping people feel able to express themselves in the written format about sensitive issues as well as remembering happy and interesting periods in their life.

I am happy to work on a one-one-basis in a befriending capacity whilst capturing and inspiring people to write their memories for their loved ones to treasure and keep.

Sharing our experiences in articles or publications can also help others in similar situations. Most of my articles are usually written from the heart to help advise others and/or promote relevant support charities.

‘A Mother’s Love’; Now available from Amazon Kindle book store: A dedication to my own amazing mother and mentor examining the role of a mother and the challenge and love that brings. Understanding that this wonderful woman knew about mindfulness and CBT long before they were common practice.

‘Good Grief..Dancing in my Dream’; A journey through male bereavement my own journey experiencing the loss of two father figures, one sudden death when I was Aged 7 and the other a loving stepfather through Cancer when I aged 30.

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