It has been my privilege to work with dyslexics this year and continue my own counselling learning journey in adding new skills and areas of expertise. There are generations of adults that were, I feel, basically failed by the education system of that time and to quote so many dyslexic’s feelings  and experiences ‘I was put on the stupid table!’

My role has been one to help change their relationships with the English language and all its strange patterns. Help dilute and then eventually remove any negative experiences which knocked their confidence through NLP Life Coaching and replace them with tools to have a positive and confident approach to move forward.

For those of us who have friends who are dyslexic we can vouch for the fact that they are definitely not stupid, far from it. Indeed there are many well respected highly successful business people and celebrities who are dyslexic. The correlation between intelligence and being dyslexic just doesn’t exist in my opinion.

Dyslexics are often truly creative and intuitive as they think visually and in many ways dyslexia is ‘their gift‘. They may have spent many years coming up with ingenious ways in which to conceal their reading and writing challenges – which actually is a very stressful way to live.

Remember: It is never too late to overcome our own personal hurdles and the feeling of freedom and personal achievement is second to none.