Stroke support charities

As a stroke survivor myself I have helped other stroke survivors with positive encouragement during recovery and with spiritual massages to help with muscle strengthening. I have also worked with members of their family who may be caring and coming to terms with the changes within their family unit.

I like to salute the excellent work charities like The Stroke Association and InterAct Stroke Support do in supporting stroke survivors. Personally, I have had the great privilege of using their services myself and recommend them both on a regular basis. So if you are looking for a new charity to donate to please consider including the stroke connected charities. Support charities feature regularly on my blog especially when it is stroke awareness day/month.      and

Recovery is a very personal thing and will differ from patient to patient and as well as having to learn to overcome whatever disabilities (temporary or permanent) they are quite likely to also suffer from depression –a fact which is often missed. For the stroke survivor it is not just a case of coping themselves but also watching others around them feeling helpless and possibly not coping.

This is when support charities can help and by visiting their websites and calling their helplines one will be amazed at the information and valuable support and assistance is available. The sooner one understands what has happened and how the survivor can be helped the better.

For people with serious after stroke problems it may be a case of ‘one step at a time’ as many have to re-learn how to walk and some… how to speak.