Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP can be applied to all areas of our lives enabling us to feel and be in control and attain a happier and more positive state of mind. Receiving tailor-made NLP coaching I will teach you how to use positive tools to reach your full potential and break the pattern of any automatic negative thought processes.

Change yourself before you wish to see the changes: Mahatma Ghandi

‘Before we expect to see our desired qualities in others, we should assimilate them in ourselves. We are all wonderful and extremely beautiful from the inside and the more we see the same thing in others, we shall get the same in return’

The 3rd perceptual position. What are its benefits and drawbacks?

Hopefully as children we are raised to be aware of the third perceptual position. To be able to stand back from a situation reflect, not go in all guns blazing.  By keeping an emotional distance from a situation and using our intellect instead of our emotions to guide our reactions we have a better chance of being in control and keep things in perspective.

Something I remind anybody who feels distraught and angry is ‘remember to be bigger than that’. However, I certainly don’t think anybody should stand so far back that they forget to feel and/or become too detached. But it is certainly something we should be able to call upon to help us defuse rather than make matters worse. Life is far too short and precious to bear grudges and waste time arguing for arguments sake or make ourselves stressed by coming overtly consumed.

Kripamoya Das lists: Anger causes delusion as one of his top ten life lessons:-

‘It is due to anger that a person becomes deluded. As soon as the delusion takes over, his mind loses the power of discrimination. Subsequently, the reasoning capabilities of a person are lost. A person who cannot reason justly is destined to be doomed. Thus, anger is the fundamental cause of all sorts of failures in a person’s life.’