Lorna Chiverton-Hunt MSc:  ‘Annie Manning has been a great source of advice and inspiration for me over the last few years. As a self-employed Professional Coach and solo parent of 2 teenage children I know that it is very important to look after myself and my well-being or I am no good to my clients and my children. Annie is an easy person to talk to, she listens, asks questions and offers relevant and excellent advice. I have no hesitation in recommending Annie to anyone who is looking to improve their well-being on a general basis or for more specific life issues such as a bereavement.’ 

Dementia and elderly Clients

My work in this area is strictly confidential; it’s really rewarding with positive feedback, great appreciation of my coaching, stimulus and reminisence work. Often seen as an integral part of a family unit and I receive regular confirmation my approach to assignments and nursing home visits bring great comfort and happiness to those I work with. Carers and family members. 

Barry Welch, Chairman Redbourn Care Group Charity – Annie has a natural engagement not only with the elderly, but with people of all ages, and has helped with fundraising efforts, hosting events and general awareness of the aims of Redbourn Care Group.

Tony Swendell Independent Councillor: ‘I am an ex Hertfordshire Police Chief Superintendent and elected Independent Councillor, I have known Annie for over fifteen years and worked on projects for respite centres for disabled children, Safeguarding, Women Against Medical Injustices, Care Group, safe travel for children and many others. I have been able to confide in her on issues of confidentiality with confidence.’

Sarah Askew -Visual Merchandising Courses: ‘I have many years lecturing and teaching experience in both private and corporate sectors and always looking for advice and tips to use on courses. I consulted Annie on ways to tackle difficult questions and the support and help provided by Annie was extremely useful both in improving my training and taking my business forward.’

Dr Andrew Ferrar: ‘Annie’s outgoing confident personality and her energy have combined to make her an effective spokesperson on social issues, especially where she has identified unfairness. She is outcome orientated and achieves results by appropriate use of a network of contacts making her a good team player’