Ways I can help you


NLP Life Coaching

I will teach you skills and how to use positive tools to reach your full potential and break the pattern of any automatic negative thought processes. These skills can be applied to all areas of our lives by following easy to achieve practices.

1.Working together I will help you identify and set realistic goals which you will monitor and be in control of your own progress to reach those objectives.

2.I will encourage you to understand what the major conflicts are within relationships, how you can move forward and eliminate the cycle to avoid repeating these conflicts/patterns of behaviour in the future.

3. During our sessions our aim is to break down barriers which maybe preventing you from communicating in a more positive way. In opening up in this way you will see that previous insurmountable issues can be resolved easily and issues seen for what they are…unimportant in the scheme of things.

4. Recognising that others too have weaknesses and think of ways how we can acknowledge these and make these an advantage in the way we live in harmony rather viewing them as a negative stumbling block.

5.I will  encourage you to look for the good and positive strengths in partners/work colleagues/family members which you may have started to take for granted rather than being bogged down with being only frustrated with their weaknesses.

In our own way we are all surely striving to reach a place of happiness and contentment. Again to quote Mahatma Ghandi:

‘Happiness is anything done with harmony –only when our thoughts, actions and words are balanced and connected to each other can we achieve true harmony.’

And… as always to thine own self be true.