Dyslexia -useful reading

August 2018:

A few recommended books which I have been working from myself this year.

‘Seeing Spells Achieving’ By Olive Hickmott and Andrew Bendefy

This publication is extremely useful; it’s helped me greatly as a life coach with its step by step really logical steps, and, to understand my adult dyslexic client before commencing working together.

‘Dyslexia in Education’ A guide for Teachers and Teaching Assistants

By Sue Thurtle (British Dyslexia Association)

Whilst this is more targeted at schools and children I still found this book useful in terms of realising the work I was doing intuitively was on the right track and it’s just a case of adapting the theories to suit working with adults.

The Chimp Paradox, The Mind Management programme for confidence, success and happiness. By Prof Steve Peters

This is a truly amazing book which everyone should read and can apply to their own life. The idea of having a chimp that holds us backs and interfers with our decision making makes psychology accessible to everyone. I have been using the methods within this publication with quite a few clients including one with dyslexia who now tells his chimp to be quiet and go away.