Aside of my consultancy services my desire for self-development has been to add credence to my article writing.  I have successfully passed my proposed six holistic and counselling qualifications and was nominated for an Adult Learning Award.

Learning counselling techniques and life coaching skills can be invaluable in any business. Becoming more people focused and understanding of others is a vital part of communication which I have always maintained as  being key to success.

For some time now I have included career coaching naturally within my work both with corporate clients and counselling clients; for the latter it is of course no secret that problems within relationships either at work and/or at home overlap. We all need to feel valued and appreciated in all areas of our life to keep a positive balance and purpose  and structure to our life.

I encourage others to step up on their reflective reading and consider distance learning to fit around family and work commitments. The BSY Group have a great selection of courses with positive tutors encouraging one’s studies. I have also helped fellow students with editing and proof reading their assignments which I really enjoy – being able to read the passion of others is a real privilege.

I enjoy supporting students and for the past five years have worked as an Exam Invigilator at a local private school including one-on-one work. I encourage others to do so as it is rewarding and worthwhile. I support the value of CPD within pastoral and educational roles please read my piece on Innovate My School’s Website. 


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Please consider my kindle books ‘A Mothers’ Love’ and   ‘The Circle of Success’ both available from Amazon Books.